What is Grains of Paradise?

Grains of Paradise has shown to provide quality benefits to help you shed the fat, and lose weight quickly and effectively. This powerful plant goes by a variety of names that includes Aframomum Melegueta, baking pepper, Guinea pepper, Melegueta pepper, and Roman pepper. As part of the Ginger family, Grains of Paradise contain red-brown seeds that have a spicy and peppery taste.

  • In African

    GP seed was traditional used for digestive promotion, body recomposition, anti-diabetic and anti-oxidant, etc.
  • In USA

    people use it for cooking, such as Alton Brown use GP seed in the TV cooking show "Good Eats".
  • In Europe

    start from 14th people use it for spice and Wine.

At the start of the 14th century, Grains of Paradise was a widely known seed in Africa, the United States, and Europe---and it was utilized as a food additive and a wine flavor. A plant native to swampy habitats, Grains of Paradise is filled with purple flowers that produce 5 to 7 centimeters of long pods, which contain a peppery taste caused by aromatic ketones.
Though typically used in certain cuisines in West and North Africa in the 14th and 15th centuries, Grains of Paradise was utilized to enhance wine smell too. In 1469, King Afonso V of Portugal traded Aframomum melegueta to Fernao Gomes in exchange of 100 miles of five years of exploration along the coast of Africa. Furthermore, this spice still remained popular in Europe in 1500 due to its low cost. 
The area of St. John’s River to Harper in Libera was named “Grain Coast”, as this was a testament of its growing popularity.
In USA, Alton Brown use GP seed in the TV cooking show Good Eats.

Powered by 6-paradol, grains of paradise enhances brain health, as it aids in neural cell endurance. With its ability to help with neuro-inflammation, grains of paradise is a powerful herbal supplement that supports brain protection from unwanted damage, and allows for better long-term health. The potent properties of grains of paradise also help with anti-oxidative health, helping to promote neuroprotection, and enhancing functional capabilities within the brain. Beside 6-paradol, grains of paradise also contains 6-shogaol, which will promotes proper central nervous system health and improve your state of mind for the long haul.
Grains of paradise has the ability to promote faster metabolism, which helps reduce fat content, and reduce your waist-hip ratio, so you can feel confident on a daily basis.  In addition to its fat loss capabilities, grains of paradise also has shown to boost testosterone levels, as it contains anti-estrogenic properties, which allows for rapid muscle gains.